August 18, 1965

LOCATION: Honolulu,

Peter Noone of Herman's
Hermits, deejay Tom

SOURCE: Elvis - "Word For Word" by Jerry Osborne (1999 Osborne Enterprises Publishing); Cadillac Elvis (LP).

[Tom Moffet] On the set of Elvis' latest motion picture, being filmed in Hawaii. Elvis, come over here. I'd like you to meet a young man who's an admirer of yours, and has been for many years. Elvis Presley, this is Peter Noone.
Hi Peter.

[Peter Noone] How'dya do?
It's a pleasure.

[P.N.] Nice to meet you.

[T.M.] I thought for a change - we've talked to Elvis many times and also talked to Peter on this recent trip - maybe you'd like to ask each other some questions.

[P.N.] Yeah, when are you coming to England?
Ah, coming to where? Ah, excuse me. Coming to England... I don't know. Maybe in a year or so.

[P.N.] Great! Everyone keeps saying, you know, "Well, when's Elvis coming over to England?" It's headlines in the newspaper every week, when you coming, but you never seem to come.
Yeah, well Colonel Parker has a bad back, and so forth.

[Col. Tom Parker] Yes sir! Yes sir!
And (laughs), and as soon as he starts feeling better, we'll probably come over.

[P.N.] Good. Someone else ask a question now.

[T.M.] Anything you'd like to know about Elvis that you don't know already?

[P.N.] How come you made it without long hair?

(Everyone laughing.)

[T.M.] Herman's asking, Elvis, how come you made it without long hair. It used to be quite a bit longer, didn't it?
Flashback. Nah, the sideburns did it, I think.

[P.N.] Pardon.
The sideburns did it.

[P.N.] Oh I see, sideburns.
Yeah. You remember those, don't ya?

[P.N.] (Everyone laughing.) Yeah, everyone's laughing now, they are.
We just can't help it, we're all crazy.

[P.N.] The sun, is it?
We sit here in the sun, I guess it gets to your head (laughs). Your head, your hair. Tom, that's probably the best interview you've ever had.

[P.N.] Thanks a lot.

[T.M.] Pretty casual. I'll let you guys do the work.

[P.N.] This guy, in the hot sun. You work in the hot sun all day?
How'd your show go, Peter?

[P.N.] Who's your favorite group, after the Beatles?
Well, after the Beatles I would have to say (laughs) Boston Pops, okay. (Laughing.) Okay, and then the Boston Symphony. (Laughing.) No, nah, I would say your group, Rolling Stones.

[P.N.] Awwwww.
You should know that I studied, obviously. Your group, the Rolling Stones. Your group before the Rolling Stones, right? Then uh...

[Marty Lacker] L.A. Police Department?
Nah, no, no Marty.

[T.P.] Yes sir! Yes sir!

(Everyone laughing.)

[P.N.] What is filming like? Do you have to get up at six o'clock?
Yeah about five-thirty.

[P.N.] You start at six?

[P.N.] Nice weather anyway. What happens when it rains?
Six, seven, eight. Huh?

[P.N.] What happens every time it rains here?
We have to stop and come inside. Every time a little rain cloud comes over, we [cut!]. That's why we do a [cut!]. No, we stop and come inside.

[P.N.] Go on.

[M.L.] We let our brains cool off.

Yeah, when it rains, we let our brains cool off awhile. How'd your show go over here?

[P.N.] Pardon.
How did the show go here?

[P.N.] I'm sorry, I can't understand everything. It went fabulous, the show went. You know, some of the language I can't pick up. Can you understand me?
Yes, very well.

[Marty Lacker] Yes sir!

(Everyone laughing.)

[T.P.] Yes, sir. I gave'em all the gifts, Elvis.

[P.N.] Oh yeah, thanks for all them doofers.
Oh, you're very welcome...all those what?

[P.N.] Doofers.

[P.N.] Things, you know. Doofers, things.
Okay. I'd like to wish you the best of luck.

[P.N.] Thank you very much. All the best.
Thank you. All the best to you.

[P.N.] Thank you.

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