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Herman's Hermits are one of the youngest outfits on today's beat scene, and they debut on Columbia Records with their version of the Goffin-King composition "I'm Into Something Good".

The present line-up have only been together for three months, yet already they are one of the most sought-after groups on the Northern landscape.

The ecstatic acclaim they receive from their multitude of fans has been described as "HERMANIA", and the teenagers of Lancashire can regularly be seen sporting tee-shirts and sweaters with "HERMANIA" indelibly emblazoned on the front.

"We like Herman", say the girls, "because he's young and fresh and, well . . . cute." They said it.

The boys were spotted singing in Manchester by ace hit-maker Mickie Most. He produced their disc. Everybody knows that Mickie makes records with the Animals and the Nashville Teens. Of Herman's Hermits he says:
"I like this group because they look good and sound good. After the Animals and the Teens I'm hoping that this will be my hat-trick. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!"

You can start un-crossing them, Mickie.

Herman is 16, comes from Manchester, had classical singing lessons at the Manchester School of Music, and was originally taking drama lessons. He has appeared in "Coronation Street" and ITV's "Knight Errant".

The Hermits consist of: Karl Green (17), bass guitar, Derek "Lek" Leckenby (21), lead and rhythm guitar, Barry Whitwam (18) drums, and Keith Hopwood (17), lead and rhythm guitar.

And the name? it came from a cartoon television show called "The Bullwinkle Show". Herman looked like a character in the series called Sherman. So the group decided to call him Herman.

Watch that name. A lot of people believe it is going to spell success.

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