Full Real Name: Keith Hopwood.

Birthplace & Date: Born October 26, 1946, in Manchester, England.

Personal Data: Five feet nine inches tall; weighs 136 pounds; has blue eyes and brown hair.

Family Info: Father, John; mother, Lyllian.

Home Info: Present home is in Manchester.

Schools Attended: Urmston Grammar School.

Entered Show Business: Made his debut when he was ? years old at the Plaza Ballroom in Manchester.

Instruments Played: Rhythm guitar.


Acting: Sandra Dee and Albert Finney.

Music: Chet Atkins and all well-performed LPs.

Clothes: Well-tailored things of fine fabrics and suede.

Foods: Shrimps, celery and chicken.

Colors: Burgundy and dark brown.

Likes: Traveling and writing to fans.

Dislikes: Conceited and stupid people.

Hobbies: Collecting records, reading and photography.

Website: Keith Hopwood

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