Full Real Name: Karl Anthony Green.

Birthplace & Date: Born July 31, 1947, in Salford, England.

Personal Data: Six feet tall; weighs 159 pounds; has blue-gray eyes and light brown hair.

Family Info: Father, David; mother, Olivia.

Home Info: Present home is in Urmston, Manchester.

Schools Attended: Wellacre School and Flixton School.

Entered Show Business: Made his debut when he was 11 years old and played at the Broadway Cinema.

Instruments Played: Bass guitar and harmonica.


Acting: Sophia Loren and Albert Finney.

Music: Dionne Warwick.

Clothes: Polka-dot "Hamlet" shirts in flashy colors.

Foods: Everything!

Colors: Blue and pink.

Likes: Happy people, girls and doing live shows.

Dislikes: Too much make-up on girls and getting his hair cut.

Hobbies: Reading, swimming - and girls!

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