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Peter Noone: A Cuppa Cha, No Ice!

A very weary Herman

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y.: On one of the Hermits' tours of America, we skillfully tripped over them.
     We remember vividly seeing these five English lads looking pale, tour-weary and just plain beat as they entered the press conference room.
     Herman collapsed in a chair and proceeded to snore through the conference.
     Keith, Karl and Barry were engulfed by reporters and photographers.
     The manager of the show woke Herman to ask, "Would you like some iced tea?"
     "Iced tea?" Herman asked, bewildered. "I'll have some tea but no ice." To this statement there was a round of laughter from the reporters and photographers. We think he really didn't know what the manager was talking about!
     Lek was sitting in the corner of the room all alone, so we strolled over and plied him with questions.

Hermit Barry


Pattie Cusick with Barry Whitwam

Q:Do you like American food?
A: It's not as good as English

Q: What do your parents think of your career?
A: Jolly good, I would say

Q: What was your ambition at the age of ten?
A: Why, to be eleven, of course.

Q: What was your reaction to your first hit record?
A:I couldn't believe it.

Q: What jokes do you play on one another?
A: Well, let's see - we switch our boots around, so someone gets a big boot and a small one. We tie knots in each others ties before we go onstage. Then, we switch the shirts around, so one of us gets a size 14 collar when we're supposed to have a 15 (he demonstrated by pulling on his collar and making his face very red).
     Suddenly it was time for them to go and they bid us a fond farewell. That night they put on the greatest show on earth!
     Since that day we have met and seen many other groups, but we'll always remember and cherish the day we met Herman's Hermits. Thank you for this groovy memory, Datebook! - DEBBIE AND PATTIE BOGART, LINDA COSTINE.

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