The Herman Courier


    Once paid 27 to Customs on gold watch brought back from U.S.A.
    Has a dog called Frimp.
    Goes round junk shops looking for Inkspots and George Formby discs.
    Brings in supplies of hamburgers at disc sessions.

    Has powder-blue 3.8 Jag.
    During making of "No Place Like Space," he and Hermits lived in Beverly Hills mansion with 23 bedrooms.

    Is a dead shot with a peashooter.
    While on holiday in California, bought white suit to show off his suntan.

    Speaks fluent German.
    Before he left for one U.S.A. trip, his mum - Mrs. Joan Noone - ironed 37 shirts for him.
    Once wanted to be a doctor - then a priest.

    Herman's a sucker for fruit machines and he really enjoys all sorts of gambling. I remember one time in a cafe at Urmston, Herman fed a quid's worth of sixpences into a fruit machine one after the other.

Shake On It!
Herman was tickled pink when he met Elvis in Hollywood.
"But El gave me a sprained wrist. There were so many photographers there we had to go on and on shaking hands. "Elvis has such a strong grip - probably because of all the karate malarky he does - that my hand was limp for days."

They Wanna Be Herman's Girl

From time to time, there's been mention of a romance between Twinkle and Herman. He had seen Twinkle on a TV show and it had been printed that he liked her. One time when I was driving from the Oasis Club in Manchester to the Blue Angel in Liverpool, Herman fished in his pocket and said to me, "Pete, I've been getting dotty telegrams from that girl Twinkle, saying she is going to meet me at Manchester Airport . . ."
And that folks is how it all started.

The romance blossomed, stories appeared in the national press about Herman visiting Twinkle's home, they were seen together in the best clubs, they were inseparable whenever work permitted. Then, the very business which had pushed them together, took them apart. Twinkle to Australia and Herman to America.
They were seen together less and soon rumours were circulating that Herman had his eye on Lulu.
He spent ages on the telephone to her from America, and they, too, were seen together. On October 15 last he spent 1 hour 10 minutes phoning from London's plush night club in Alsop Place - The "In" Place. What next? Who knows. I don't, and the last time I saw Herman, nor did he.
One thing Herman remembers about New York is the time he was running from fans towards his waiting limousine. "A cop kindly held the door open for me," Herman recalls. "I dived in. He slammed the door - on my thumb. I yelled with pain. Then I leaned out and said to the cop, '___________'"

"I'm dead keen on playing a James Bond type of role in a movie one day," says Herman. "A whole load of action - cars shrieking round corners at ninety, machine-guns blazing, planes swooping, lush chicks lazing around all over the place. Great!"
P.S. Herman can't do any target practice with the two six-shooters he brought back from Texas. The ends are blocked!

Droopy Groupies

"I can't stand droopy groupies," said Herman. "I mean those girls who go around following the groups - trying to get into the dressing rooms - and then just sitting there and looking all droopy."
Nor does Herman go much on "dropper floppers." That's what he calls girls who are always dropping names. "They tell you they've just been on the phone to P.J. Proby or in the Walker Brothers' dressing room. I suppose the idea is to sound important.
What girls does Herman like? "Simple," he says. "I go for the type who has her own personality. I've been lucky to meet plenty of such girls - and luckier still to have some of them come on a date with me."


In Britain, Herman and the group can knock up about 2000 a week doing one-nighters. But Herman reckons that half that goes in expenses.
In the States they get up to 6000 for a TV show.
They have a royalty of 2d a disc - so a million seller rakes in 8333 6s 8d. (That what you make it?)
Herman allows himself 50 a week and invests the rest.


We asked Herman to name the three most spectacular bits of action during his career. He said, "One was in Derby - quite early on. They had to train fire hoses on the fantastic crowd of fans.
"Another was in Hollywood - when masses of fans almost overturned our car - but the police came to our rescue just in time.
"But the most spectacular moment of all was when we went from Oklahoma City to Dallas by helicopter. We landed on the roof of the place we were to play and walked down some steps on to the stage, with 12,000 screaming fans gathered below!"


    In Manchester, Herman continually stops and asks people about ?????? and how is ??????
One night we went to catch a train from Manchester's Picadilly station. He looked through the grille, and instead of asking for tickets he said:
    "Why, hello Mr. _______ How's Charlie and the wife. has ?????? left school yet?"
    I almost had to drag him away to catch the train.

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